Certified Building Professional, by Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

  • Every aspect of your preferences are of the utmost importance to
    Pool Zones.
  • Pool Zones excels in services for attention-to-detail and the
    ultimate customer experience.

We offer High-quality standards, with expedited construction services, and
quality-control inspections, every step of the way.

Our current review (as of June 2020) ranking is: 4.8 stars on Google: with
a complaint from one subcontractor (who did shoddy work).

Our higher-quality becomes the lowest cost, when viewed over the
future years, for peak performance and low maintenance. This is
particularly true for foundation and structural performance. Please
see our reasons below for these claims.

Our high-quality are attributed to the following causes:

  • In-depth of knowledge of materials: (how decking and tile materials
    expand & contract)
  • In-depth of knowledge of hydraulics: Jandy equipment is the
    professional grade for best hydraulics with lowest chemical/running
    costs. We design superior hydraulics for peak performance.
  • Soil expertise for assessing soil/slope/drainage conditions (expertise
    of the potential shifting/moving structure)
  • Soil testing for a qualitative report (given to you, for your
  • Civil engineering report (given to you, for consideration).
  • A structural warranty for over 10 years to limited lifetime, with our
    extra structural foundations, based upon your soil conditions.

Your 100% satisfaction is achieved through our efficient construction
processes and our attention to detail.

You will receive a pre-proposal with estimated costs, for you to consider.

If our pre-proposal is within your budget, then the next phases are:

  1. 3D basic layout design
  2. Proposal.
  3. Scheduled Meeting

Janine Wilson
Certified Pool Building Professional (APSP)