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Boutique Pools 

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  • Fact: Over 30 inspections for each pool project. From Laurence Godin, Houston Texas. She [Janine] has been very helpful with finding and offering solutions when unexpected events came up. She came on site for all major milestones and paid careful attention to all details and inspecting everything after the crews to make sure the work was up to her high quality standards.” 
  • Fact: With old-fashion skills and imagination, Janine uses pencil sketching in perspective to create designs.
  • Fact: With attention to Detail: Janine produces up to construction plans for my projects, 33 more than a typical pool builder or pool contractor.
  • Fact: With an education in advanced building methods, she uses standards from 13 reputable institutes.
  • Fact: with knowledge of The Woodlands, she works with geotechnical engineers and structural engineers.  Together, we create the vault-strength pool construction (optional upgrade for soil and engineering an extra cost).
  • Fact: With higher building standards, for swimming pools, our warranties extend for longer periods.
  • Fact: With up to 250’ of copper bonding wire, we build safe swimming pools.