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Fact-check series: Swimming Pool Costs

Swimming pool buyers are motivated to find the best design and the best features.  So, what does a swimming pool cost to build?

For three types of swimming pools

  • Vinyl-liner swimming pools: $30,000 to $50,000
  • Fiberglass swimming pools: $40,000 to $80,000
  • Gunite or concrete swimming pools: $50,000 to $100,000
  • A gunite or concrete spa will add: $10,000 to $15,000

The three different structures will have different costs, for installationand features.

For your best choice, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is timing important? Do you want a pool installed in the shortest possible time frame? Then, fiberglass swimming pools are the best alternatives.
  • Is cost important? Do you want the lowest cost swimming pool? Then, vinyl-liner pools are the best alternatives.
  • Is customizing important? Do you prefer something unique and customized? Then, concrete or gunite swimming pools are the best alternatives.

So, let’s ask some more questions to continue with pros and cons. You will want to solve the problem of buying the best for you.

Some obstacles of buying a swimming pool

  • Base pricing will confuse you.
  • Financing will be difficult.
  • Custom designs are hard to compare.

What is base pricing for swimming pools?

These are formulated quantities to standard sizes for first time pool buyers.

Why will base pricing comparisons drive you crazy?

Some pool builders create affordable looking swimming pool packages.  Base prices are marketing tools, which make the cost of buying a pool affordable.

Here are some shopping strategies for a swimming pool.

    1. Define the musts from the wants in your wish list.
    2. Ask the bidders to give you an idea of the price ranges for your wish list.
    3. Separate the musts from the wants.
    4. Refine your choices to be closer within your budget.

Some Common Improvements

  • Include enough patio around the pool
  • Design more shallow area
  • Review the pool equipment

Some common mistakes that pool buyers make

  • Not enough patio area
  • Pool depth has too much deep end and not enough shallow area.
  • Buyer bought on price without checking the equipment system.

Do you believe the information on the left?


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Let’s tell the facts, the whole facts, and nothing but the facts, by Janine Wilson, Certified Building Professional

Fact-Check 1

• Does it really cost $900 yearly for a concrete pool acid wash?
• Well, absolutely no.

A blue colored pebble interior the interior will look excellent for at least 22 years and beyond.
I had the pleasure to see a 22 year old pool in Beaumont, Texas. The pebble interior was in gorgeous condition. It looked like new, as good as it did the first day. Most of the interiors will last beyond 30 years. But avoid white, because it is like white carpet, staining easily.
For low maintenance interior, choose pebble interior. There are several brands, such as Pebbletec, Pebblesheen, WetEdge, StoneScapes, etc. It all depends on the applicator. So choose your builder wisely for the best.

Fact-Check 2

• Will it cost $500 for a season to clean a gunite (concrete) pool?
• Absolutely No

So, these days, many reputable pool builders build low-maintenance concrete pools.  What makes a pool low-maintenance?

  • Saltwater (eliminates adding chlorine)
  • Infloor cleaning systems (built in technology to self-clean)
  • Energy-efficient pumps, running 24/7 at costs of $20 monthly
  • Ozone systems for sanitation
  • Ultra-violet systems for algae control
  • Double-skimmers to catch debris off the surface

So with many of these options, gunite pools take possibly 10 minutes a week to check and maintain.

Note: cleaning a filter will take longer for any pool.

Fact-Check 3

Will it really cost $400 a year for a pool pump on a gunite pool?
(This claim is so unfounded it is hard to answer. There are no facts to back up the assertion.)

A gunite pool with an energy efficient pump (Pentair) will cost approximately $12 monthly.  It depends on the schedule and the rpms.  Typically, we run pumps for 24/7 on low rpms of 1,000 watts, like a lightbulb.

  • It costs around $120 yearly on low rpms
  • It costs around $180 on some high and some low rpms.