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Janine Wilson

Infinity Pools in Spring, Texas

Once, I was asked to consult for a new infinity pool. An infinity pool makes make the water look infinite, as shown in the photographs on this page. It is called infinity pool or negative edge swimming pool.


When I arrived to consult, there was a drizzle but it had been raining. The house was at the framing stage. A woman arrived at the same time. It was a mistake to think she was the owner. Boy, was I wrong!


She said, “I am Petra from Marquis Pools.” That was a surprise to see a competitor.
We met the owner, an attractive woman in her late 60’s, wearing boots and at home in the construction zone.

I wore buckskin suede riding boots.  Petra wore diamond studded flip flops, so you can imagine the difficulty across the slippery ground.


Well, it was very pleasurable for me, meeting one of my peers.  I was actually alone in the industry, and so was overjoyed with Petra.  But she was not so interested in me.  But I digress.


Boutique Pools 

The View behind the Infinity Edge

1. The view from your home if you live in Spring: Check that first: What is behind the proposed pool? Look from many different perspectives, upstairs and downstairs.


The View to conceal the trough or the basin

2. You want to avoid seeing the basin. The basin catches the water, hence the name. Then, water is pumped to the pool.

From certain angles, a basin might be visible. So, this is a critical detail.


Sound and water feature

3. Do you want to hear the negative edge feature? If you do, then you will need to consider how much sound to have.  A babbling brook or a crashing fall is nice in a Spring lush environment.  Even with Spring Lake in the background, a babbling sound from your negative edge pool is soothing.

Water Escapes and Meanders

4. Another must is to make sure that the basin is wider than the negative edge wall. That’s because water likes to travel sideways.


Water Proofing

5. Water on each side of the wall will be at different temperatures.  Watch out for this!  It requires special waterproof material, especially if you live in Spring, Texas.  And another detail is that a tall wall will try to leak.


Materials for Negative & Infinity Edge Pools

6. For Spring in Texas, the materials need to be for thermal shock and or expansion/ contraction.


Basin Size

7. If the basin size is not big enough, water will run like a river down the hill or ground.  This is a problem and happens to many builders in Spring, Texas.  Slopes can be susceptible to erosion.This is a real doozy. Many builders have no clue how to size of the basin in Spring, Texas. Buyer beware. Also, there are some builders who do not allow for bather fluctuations. That one has cost builders a lot of money.

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If the basin size is not big enough, water will run like a river down the hill or ground.  This is a problem and happens to many builders in Spring, Texas.  Slopes can be susceptible to erosion.

These are some minor points to assess for an infinity edge pool or negative edge pool. I worked with some expert witness¬¬¬¬ professionals and learned a lot, about negative edge pools. I am certifying myself to build the best infinity swimming pools.

Another story that I heard was of a pool homeowner (possibly in Spring Texas) whose water ­­bills was $600 per month.  Did the pool leak, she wondered.  She hired an expert witness to assess the problem.  In an instant, he named the problem.

The autofill should have been plumbed low in the basin.

As it was high.  Goodness knows how! So, daily, it kept refilling the basin, while the basin pump was running.

Then, once the basin was full, the pump shut off, and the excess water, flowed merrily down the hill.  Erosion galore, the water bill was crazy.

Imagine that happening every day, for 6-8 months, with a huge water bill.

If you live in Spring, Texas, and are looking for a negative edge pool expert, call Janine for a consultation.She is a top expert in the field of negative edge swimming pools, or infinity edge swimming pools.  She also specializes in Spring, in zero edge pools.

  • Fact: Over 30 inspections for each pool project. From Laurence Godin, Houston Texas. She [Janine] has been very helpful with finding and offering solutions when unexpected events came up. She came on site for all major milestones and paid careful attention to all details and inspecting everything after the crews to make sure the work was up to her high quality standards.” 
  • Fact: With old-fashion skills and imagination, Janine uses pencil sketching in perspective to create designs.
  • Fact: With attention to Detail: Janine produces up to construction plans for my projects, 33 more than a typical pool builder or pool contractor.
  • Fact: With an education in advanced building methods, she uses standards from 13 reputable institutes.
  • Fact: with knowledge of The Spring, she works with geotechnical engineers and structural engineers.  Together, we create the vault-strength pool construction (optional upgrade for soil and engineering an extra cost).
  • Fact: With higher building standards, for swimming pools, our warranties extend for longer periods.
  • Fact: With up to 250’ of copper bonding wire, we build safe swimming pools.