Are you concerned about choosing the best swimming pool contractor, for your home?

Mary’s & Rusty Celebrating Their New Improvement. 5-Stars ***** & Cheers to Pool Zones! October 2021.

★ Accredited certifications with attention to detail for the best results.

For your uniquely designed, Yard-make-over with guaranteed results

A secret to reveal

  “Speaking from experience, of over 20-years, Mary’s & Rusty’s pool (pictured above) was one of the toughest projects in my 20-year-career! 

  Covid problems tested us, during the process, with consistent rain, & shortages, & price hikes to boot! 

  Did we succeed with our promise of proven results?  I will let you be the judge of that.

Mary’s review sums up the results, further down below.”

Founder, Janine Wilson

★Learn more about budgeting & design with our 1-hour consultation, in your home.

★Gain an advantage with our affordable & splurge pricing systems.

★As a visual person, you should exploit our 3D design, customized to your style.

★With over 20-years’ experience, you’ll gain from the best guide, for your home’s improvement.

With Pool Zones, you can expect to pay more than the average “cookie-cutter pool builder. You get what you pay for.”
You deserve the best, and you get what you pay for.

Mary & Rusty’s Boring & Ugly Backyard: BEFORE Do you have one of these?

Rusty & Mary lived here for the past 30 years! Until Covid, they traveled away from this old yard. How long do you intend to live with your plain yard?

Gain your advantage during our slow season.

We will be insanely busy in summer.

Plan now and save.

See your unique design in 3D color.

Yes, you’re ready to transform your yard.

  • Swimming Pools, spas, patios, kitchens, covered areas, landscape, fire and water features, and more
  • No matter how big are your budget, give us a call to discuss your grand ideas.


Review from Mary, married to an ex-fighter pilot, for 50 years, living in the same home for 30 years, raised her only son to become a successful professional golfer


One of our many advantages comes

from a woman’s Design Skills

★You need a woman designer who adds the final touches and cares about your design.

★You will gain advantages, with a personal designer who follows through, like an architect, with a highly detailed eye for inspecting the construction phases.

★You gain guaranteed attention to the highest details.






★Your project will have a theme or a leitmotif to enhance your design (with diamond tiles, raised planters, pedestals, & pots, & more).
★Mix your materials, for contrast, with rough and smooth for feminine and masculine.
★Integrate all aspects of the design.

Sometimes, things go wrong in construction.

A homeowner’s worst nightmare,

by Fleur B. on Yelp

A critique for another large pool company

Excerpt taken from another pool builder’s review page on Yelp:

“You have to be completely involved to prevent the major complications from occurring.   Unfortunately little did we know that was going to be something we fought for and stay on top of 24/7  …over promised and under delivered.

“Anyone can make a pool Look beautiful in a picture, heck you could look at my backyard at a whole and think it is def gorgeous but it’s the details that set pool companies apart from your avg pool company and the best. I paid for the best and that not what I got, ultimately we had to settle just to be done with the process.” 

If a swimming pool contractor leaves the subcontractors unattended to build however they want, unsupervised, you can expect a disaster to happen.  


★We have a problem with building high-quality pools.
★Our warranty department has very little work to do..

Certifications from APSP & Watershape University

we offer your best contractor for your comfort.
Choosing the wrong contractor is a costly and emotionally draining experience

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