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Tom Cucinotta trained Janine to do energy audits.  Please contact her from the form, at the bottom, for your energy audit.

Some of Tom's testimonials

On 12/2/2008 Mr. Cucinotta installed a Intelliflo VS 3050 pool pump for me. Since the installation the energy usage has dropped dramatically. This unit is very efficient and quiet. I would highly recommend the use of this equipment for your pool.
When her single-speed pool pump broke last year, Diane Kaczmarek used her tax return to purchase the more expensive variable speed pump instead of replacing the less efficient model. Since then, her electric bills have decreased an average of $75 per month.
I had some sticker shock when Tom told me about the pump. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have the cash on hand,” she said. “But I’m glad I did. It’s quickly paying for itself and I’m surprised how much quieter it is. I didn’t realize how much noise the old one made.
Science teacher Margi Newman reports that her electric bills have been reduced by an average of $77 per month since installing the pump, not including a historically cold January.
As a science teacher I’m constantly telling my students to understand how important it is to conserve resources. This was a teachable moment for me.

Newsletter: January 12

Amazing New Technology and Money Saving Secret for Pool Owners

My purpose is to make money by saving you money.
Would you be shocked to know that your pool pump is wasting money? It could be costing you an extra $900 yearly (for 2 HP, single-speed pump).


Are you wasting $900 a year with runaway costs?

Breaking News:

Energy Efficient Pump Saves Lives

As Seen on “In the Know” TV Program

Runaway Electricity Costs

I can show you how to control your electricity cost. You could save up to $9,000 over 10-years.

The Secret:

New technology, revolutionary new pump with energy efficiency and with safety sensor.


There is one problem. It costs money to install a new, energy efficient pump. But you will recover the cost quickly and will save for a lifetime ($9,000 over 10-years).

For more information, I suggest:

  • Log onto my website and look under ‘News’ on the menu. You will find a page of testimonials and a video.
  • Contact me for a free energy and safety audit and written report.

If you own a pool with a single main drain in the floor, you could be at risk of suction entrapment.

A special energy efficient pump has a safety sensor. It saves lives.

Janine Wilson, CEO Pool Zones, pool builder, designer, and Pentair energy technician.

I create free energy audit reports for pool owners who want control their electrical bills and pool safety.


Call today for a free safety assessment and energy audit.

Assessments are made the same day, if calling before 10:00 AM.

Phone: (713) 499-9875

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