A Premier Pool and Spa Builder in The Woodlands

Only the Best Premier Pool and Spa Builder in The Woodlands : Pool Zones

If you are looking for a premier pool and spa builder near you in the Woodlands, you found the best builder. Pool Zones is a Certified Building Professional, by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance.

  • Did you know that we throw out approximately 10% of our concrete?  The reason?  Because it is too weak to achieve 4,000 PSI.
  • Did you know that pools leak water?  Yes, the reason?  Because plaster or pebble for that matter is porous (being concrete).
  • Did you know that we densify and help seal the concrete?  Yes, we do so, long before we apply plaster.  The reason?  Because it helps seal it.
  • Did you know that skimmers leak?  Yes, they do, because the plastic skimmer has a tendency to get little gaps between the tile and the gout that are installed against the skimmer.
  • Did you know that we add a special silicone to seal the skimmer.  It is installed, behind the tile, so it is invisible.  It adheres to almost everything, including concrete and plastic.

Our quality is so much better today and far exceeds many standards of our previous standards.  This came as a result of education in better technology.  If you are shopping to buy a custom built pool, ask us for a proposal. We offer free consultations. You will be presented with several different unique designs to choose from. Our affordable prices are customized for your premier pool and spa design.


We work with clockwork timetables and expert quality control. While some builders say that they are custom, we are. What makes us the Premier pool builder?


Some facts:

  • We meet every subcontractor on the job site:
  • We have over 20 plans for many of our projects. That’s 19 more than the average pool builder.
  • We uphold the standards set by over ten organizations. That’s nine more than the average swimming pool builder.
  • Education and development mean that we apply our very best for your project. We take more than 27 hours education classes, in the first quarter.  That is 27 hours more than the average pool builder.
  • We use higher grade gunite, 4000PSI.
  • We use thicker rebar, using not the standard 3/8” (three eights) but the best ½” (half-inch).

Premier pool builder means to uphold the best you can buy for your money. Our supervision and superintending is par-excellence.


We get rave reviews, by 100% satisfied pool owners. We do much more than the cheapest pool builder but we charge more. Going with the cheapest pool builder will cost more in the long term. Going with a premier pool builder will cost less in the long term, because the quality is much higher. If you do not believe us, call to schedule a free consolation today.


We give free educational classes for you to learn the very best about your needs.  Our design work is the premier in swimming pool designs.  We use many artistic trends and set new trends.  Or you might prefer a regal swimming pool design.


Pool Zones is a Certified Building Professional. A top 10% of pool builders in the country. Call us today to schedule your consultation for no cost to you.

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