Bravo for readingHelpful information for pool owners during power outage for swimming pool equipment maintenance.
Protect your pool swimming pool equipment from freezing.

What do you do in freezing weather for your swimming pool when your power goes off?
This article gives you some suggestions to protect your swimming pool equipment and swimming pool pump, during a freeze!

Below are suggestions if you are having a power outage or blackout, for pool equipment information.
These are only suggestions. You need to weigh up the information below and determine the best
course of action for your circumstances.

If you are having a blackout or power outage, your pool equipment will be at risk, if open to
elements. The pump can suffer serious damage.

If you already have a power outage or know that one is coming, the following information might be of benefit:

1. Turn off all breakers to all pool pumps.
2. Turn off main breaker to pool equipment.
3. Remove the pool pump lid/s.
4. Remove the little plug on the side of the basket (drain plug).
5. Leave lid off until several days after the freezing weather to allow defrosting of ice in pipes and in pump lid.
6. Re-prime the pumps, to turn them on.

It is best to consult a pool professional for more information.

Be Careful around pool pumps that have power. Never remove a pool pump lid, unless the kill switch has been activated or breakers are off for pool equipment.

For your information, Protect your pool plumbing and pool equipment

Identify whether your system:

a: has a phone app:

b. does not have a phone app:

Read either 1 or 2: and read 3.  (4. is about landscape.)


Phone app system:  Protected for all fully automated systems
Your pool equipment and plumbing has freeze protection for all pumps and features.

Be aware that the system will automatically turn on during cold weather.
The heater and spa will turn on for up to 15 minutes on low temperatures.
The pool equipment and other pumps will also automatically turn on

during and preceding freezing temperatures.


Without a phone app: Not fully automated systems: no freeze protection
With freezing conditions, my recommendation to you is:

Run the pump or pumps 24/7 on low speed to prevent freezing for the days or weeks of freezing temperatures.

If you have water features, crank open a valve, to allow a trickle.
If you have a spa attached to the pool, the same rule applies.

Remind yourself to revert settings to normal, a few days following freezing conditions.


Not Protected
There is a valve that was plumbed off one of the faucets in your yard.   I suggest that this is insulated.

This is a link as an example but Home Depot and Lowes sell insulating covers.



The irrigation system also has one of the valves noted above.  This will require insulation.
Outdoor faucets need the little foam insulating block.

Landscape irrigation should be on as normal and an added cycle for pre-freezing temperatures should be added.

Watering briefly will help increase warmth to the soil.  Consult your yard guy for more information.

Freezing temperatures affect swimming pool equipment: freezing pool pipes:
below 32 degrees pool equipment protection: pool pump during freezing weather:
keep your pool pump running if you do not have freeze protection control:
Pentair freeze protection: