A Regal Swimming Pool Design

by Janine Wilson

If you live in The Woodlands, you should have a regal swimming pool design. Regal: “of resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially being magnificent or dignified,” from Dictionary.

I love to create the best swimming pool construction standards. For your home, you might think that a regal style swimming pool is beyond your budget.

But many upgraded features can be added for affordable prices. A regal swimming pool design is a touch above average. It would include travertine decking, a very cool to touch material, in moderate weather.

A regal swimming pool would be something to create a wow factor for your backyard. The key factor is to make the indoors blend with the outdoors. A regal swimming pool is a seamless design, between indoors and outdoors.

I suggest some indoor materials blended with the outdoor materials. This creates a masculine and feminine style, rugged and soft.

A regal swimming pool is a design of form follows function. It serves its purpose as a functional swimming pool first. It can have bells and whistles or it can be a minimalist design.

A regal swimming pool will be something unique. It might have landscape lighting with palm trees, or it might have xeriscape with low maintenance plants and rock. A regal swimming pool will also have some lovely stonework and automation. It is a low maintenance swimming pool.

Call today, to discuss your regal swimming pool design.

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