Houston Swimming Pool Quote: Concrete or gunite   

Gone are the days of the $20,000 pool and spa.

How much does a gunite pool cost?  Answer:  KISS Formula: 

The base price is from $50 for each square foot of pool/patio.  (December 2019)  

For example, if the pool is 500 square feet; and if the patio is 500 square feet; add the two together and multiply by $50.

For 1,000 square feet of combined pool/patio, the base price is $50,000.

Typically, it is difficult to budget a pool and spa at the $50 square foot price range (very low), unless you will accept a freeform pool. 

What is a freeform pool?  It is a pool that has curves, such as a kidney shape.  Buyers do not understand that curved pools are cheaper than straight lined pools.  But curved pools are smaller than straight pools and require less precision.  There are exceptions of course.


Geometrical pools are more expensive to build than curved pools (freeform).  Unique pools and spas start from $60 square foot but could be higher.   Again multiply the total square footage to determine the price range. 

But many buyers want the following upgrades: travertine, glass tiles, remote control, water features, fire features, etc.  The price will depend on the choices. 


Glass tiles will add cost to a swimming pool but are stunning.    With Houston pool pricing, the pool above is over $100,000  (36′ x 20′ pool), spa, cocktail table, stone tile, marble coping stone, slide, and raised areas.  


The project above has many upgrades and a lot of patio (over 1,000 square feet!).  The pool is 600 square feet, with an all glass tiled spa, and 1,000 square feet of travertine patio (multiply by $70 square foot), this pool price is above $100,000!  It included two automatically igniting fire and water features.  

Also, consider the costs for patio covers, landscape, fire features, outdoor kitchens, bath houses.   Remember, you can always build zones in the future.      

 Geographically, Houston pool prices are much higher than Phoenix’s prices.   I came from Phoenix and have been surprised at the differences in costs.  

Pools and spas of high-quality will be in the following price ranges: 

$70,000 to $80,000

80,000 to $100,000:

$100,000 to $150,000:

$150,000 to $200,000

Above $300,000

Highest priced project was $450,000 for a comprehensive outdoor extension (included lap pool, spa, automatic pool cover, patio cover with wooden ceiling, kitchen, fire features, water features, 3,000 square feet patio, swim jet, planters, seat walls, automated features).   
Gunite Pool Pricing, by Janine Wilson, CEO