Swimming Pools In The Woodlands

by Janine Wilson on May 2020

The Woodlands is a great place to live and has many wooded areas, with lush mature trees. Many homeowners have older homes that were built in the 1970s and 1980s.

In some areas of the Woodlands, the pool will add value to the home. The reason for this is because pools are in demand in certain subdivisions, such as Grogan’s Mill, or Cochran Crossing. One of my clients said that it adds up to $60,000, so makes the price easier to justify. But check your comparisons and decide for yourself.

Homeowners in The Woodlands enjoy outdoor areas with swimming pools. Many will add outdoor cooking areas and fire pits. A sparkling pool with water features creates ambiance.

My personal experience with The Woodlands Township was surprising. With the Township, swimming pool permits are complicated. I never expected so many applications! Currently, I am submitting 5 applications for a pool and outdoor entertaining area.

My experience has given me an advantage. I am an expert in The Woodlands for swimming pool construction and permitting. The process is easier, and every swimming pool application has been approved.

Larger pools are typical in The Woodlands, 35’ x 17’ minimal, and with large entertaining areas. For more information, contact Janine.

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