Swimming Pools In Conroe, Texas

by Janine Wilson on May 2020

So let me start by saying this: if you are thinking of moving to Conroe and building a swimming pool, Conroe Texas is a great place to live.

So let me explain why you should consider Conroe, based on my own experience.

I lived in Houston, near the 1960 & 45, previous, to moving north in Conroe. It was definitely a lot hotter where I was. But in Conroe, I live in a beautiful townhouse where there are lots of huge trees.

And guess what! My air-conditioning bill is ludicrous. You would probably not believe me if I told you. The previous summer month of heating 1,600 square feet was less than $50! Yet, there is a lot of filtered sunlight through some huge cathedral ceilings and high side windows. And hot air rises! So it goes up, drawing in the cool air from below, from the ultra-green leaves and cool grass.

So, let me iterate: if you are thinking of living in Conroe or Houston, consider Conroe, Texas for other reasons. It costs a lot less to build in Conroe if unincorporated than it does to build a swimming pool in Houston, $4,000 less!

Conroe’s climate is fabulous and cooler than Houston, because of the macro climate, from lots of trees. Walking or jogging is beneficial, with hills to help you do a great workout. But remember to get a swimming pool in Conroe by a reputable pool contractor.

The disadvantages of Conroe, Texas is that it can be far if you like to go into Houston. It takes me an hour to visit a friend off Wesleyan and Westheimer. So, the distance from Central Houston can be far.

On the positive side, you should consider building a backyard resort in Conroe with a designer that knows how to create something unique. Using technology is also a plus in easy to use swimming pool, water features. And a spa with curved seating and rounded neck is also a great bonus. It makes for great entertaining and soothing after a hard day’s work. Janine at Pool Zones designs and builds gunite pools and spas.

So, while you consider where to buy your next home, think of Conroe. And if you call Janine, she will design and build a top-line swimming pool. She lives in Conroe and has a Pool Company in The woodlands. She is a boutique builder and unique designer. Sometimes, she takes the designer ideas and simplifies them, to make them standard features. Ask about the special curved neck spa back, like a sofa, with rounded areas, for extra comfort. This is one of California Pool’s latest discoveries of innovative ideas, from one of the greatest pool Masters.

Or in Conroe Texas, another special swimming pool construction method and design is an exercise spa. You can stand up and do water aerobics. So, making it slightly larger than a usual gunite spa, it becomes a great place to stand or to sit. You can hold the side and kick your legs with plenty of therapy action. It’s a lot cheaper to heat too!

So, imagine, thirty minutes after you press your phone app., and your exercise spa is ready. It is a place to relax or to workout. Or you can work out and then relax, in 90 to 104 degrees.

So, one of the main reasons that you should consider living in Conroe is because a very talented swimming pool designer and builder works there. Janine is a top-quality, highly-qualified, Certified Swimming Pool Professional. She has APSP certification (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals). So what does that mean? She is one of three who passed a 3-hour exam, out of forty three. It takes dedication, passion, and talent.

Living in Conroe and wanting a swimming pool

  • Cooler than Houston (if you live near trees)
  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Less air conditioning and more fresh air feels healthier
  • Nice hills for exercise
  • Janine Wilson designer and builder works in Conroe
  • Lower cost real estate
  • More money to invest in a backyard oasis
  • Quicker build times in Conroe, Texas, for gunite swimming pools

Janine loves her work. Call or email Janine today for a free consultation.

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