Swimming Pools In Spring, Texas

by Janine Wilson on May 2020

It is hard to distinguish between Spring, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas. They are sometimes interchangeable names.

Are you thinking of living in Spring Texas and having a swimming pool built? There are many great reasons to do both.

One of my experiences is moving from Houston to near The Woodlands and near Spring. I build swimming pools in the area.

It can be much cooler in Spring than in Houston. From my own experience, living in a cottage, it is a lot cooler, especially if there are so many trees. It is cooler in Spring Texas, where it can be up to 5 degrees cooler than Houston.

Spring is a great place for a swimming pool installation or construction. Montgomery County, Texas is so easy to build there, with simple approvals from HOAs and architectural committees.

Swimming pool prices in Spring, Texas are the same as prices in The Woodlands. However, building a swimming pool in Spring is a lower cost, because of the fewer restrictions. Also, the HOAs are easy to deal with for approvals.

Finding a highly reputable swimming pool contractor or pool builder can be difficult, especially if you need a boutique on-site builder.

If you are reading this article, you are probably thinking about the best pool companies, imagining a creative swimming pool design, pool installation and swimming pool construction. You are dreaming about your own backyard oasis for relaxation and aqua therapy.

One of the main steps in building the desired swimming pool is to find several experienced pool contractor companies and compare different options carefully. Consider their experience, reviews, prices, creativity, responsibility, and reliability.

Do you live near a lake or are looking for a certified swimming pool builder, pool installation, pool contractors? Don’t hesitate and contact Pool Zones.
Many of the pools that Pool Zones builds are built in Spring Texas. But Spring has lots of trees, some heavily forested areas. Lakes and recreational areas for walking and gathering.

California Pool is an innovative builder, who has a few unique details to make a pool stunning. Not the cheapest builder in Spring Texas, but high standards, Pool Zones can design something that is the once-in-a-lifetime environment.

Its creative and helpful professionals will help you and give some useful pieces of advice related to a suitable location of the desired swimming pool, type of pool (gunite pool, above ground pool with decks, inground swimming pool, concrete pool, etc), depth, shape. California Pool with such a talented owner, Janine Wilson, will be an experienced building crew, providing the services of excavating the area, adding all the needed electrical and plumbing wiring elements, pouring concrete, etc. If you wish to have a real spa resort behind your house, no problems! Pool and spa builders, spa contractors are always at your service. They can create multiple spa pool designs focusing on your wishes and desires.

Benefits of building your pool

  • Cooler and more peaceful than in Houston.
  • Simple approvals from HOAs.
  • Pool Zones. Reliable and helpful pool and spa builders.
  • Affordable prices, free consultation, and design.
  • When building a swimming pool, you create a perfect option for aqua therapy, a great source of cardio, recreation, and relaxation.
  • Janine Wilson – talented and experienced designer.
  • A great way of investing money.
  • Cool off during hot weather.

Pool Zones does its best to bring all its customers’ visions to life.

Janine builds the best pool in Texas!




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