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Custom Overview

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  • Pool Zones is a custom designer and swimming pool builder. We build unique swimming pools in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, including Montgomery, and Tomball. Attention to detail is our specialty.
  • We inspect and supervise our projects with 20 to 30 visits. We use a 150-point checklist system.

Plumbing and Electrical Control Standards.

  • Our plumbing tests are guaranteed to hold pressure, with at least 25 checks, and sophisticated ultrasound and nitrogen testing.
  • Our electrical standards include safety for your family with master electricians and NEC codes to include bonding and grounding, LED low voltage lighting, and GFCI breakers.

Our Crews:

  • Our subcontractors are experienced crews and work for us repeatedly. Our long term relationships with our crews have been instrumental in our growth and quality control.


  • As part of our excellence, education is maintained, as an ongoing necessity to improve and excel.

When I first started in this industry, in 2000, I started like every other builder, with a smattering of knowledge, a lot of ambition, and to many assumptions. After a few undesirable outcomes (all builders have them), and hitting the hard reality of physics, which did not meld with my assumptions, I needed answers for advanced construction methods. We were using new materials and glass tiles. We were building negative edge pools (the ones that look like water vanishing over the edge). But many builders did not know how (some still do not have a clue). And no one around me had answers. The builders I talked to did not know any more than me. So, I studied to improve my skills and became a Certified Professional Builder. I learned a lot along the way and apply my specialized knowledge of my projects.

It has been very gratifying to hear from seasoned subcontractors (who work for the top pool builders and me). They tell me that I am the only one that does such and such. For example, I recently built a sump pump system, in expectation of hitting the water, near Lake Conroe. And we did during excavation but were prepared. We built the sump pump system, in the future. Whenever the Lake rises, water pumps from beneath the pool.

You can expect a turnkey project, with attention to detail, and expect excellent service and quality. Working with me, you gain the advantages of my knowledge as a certified building professional.

My designs and proposals are extensive and are very thoroughly detailed. You will know what to expect with the design, the construction, and the pricing.


our core values

The What:

  • Maintain a high reputation and expertise.
  • Maintain high levels of client satisfaction.
  • Produce excellent work.
  • Supply lots of service, after the pool is completed, to make an easy transition for the client.
  • Be on time, or pay $200 to the client.

The Why:

  • Our profits are directly related to our client satisfaction.
  • Excel for reasons of profitability and long-term good business practices.

The How: a few key strategies

  • Excellence is the objective, via knowledge of cause and effects of physical nature.
  • Communicate: Put details in writing so that expectations are clear.

For Whom:

  • Cater to buyers who expect thoughtful, working relationships, with intelligent workers.
  • Always communicate with the buyer, every step of the way.
  • Do more than the buyer expects, at higher standards.

design & quote

20 years experienced designer and builder


Certified Building Professional

orientation & startup

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Free Consultation

Ask for a free consultation for a swimming pool construction. This is a specialty of Janine’s.

Custom Design

If our objectives are compatible and achievable, we will create multiple designs. Designs are integrated with swimming pool, spa, water features, fire features, landscape,gazebo, pergola, etc.Better designs take several weeks to perfect and to develop.


If our objectives are compatible, we will provide you with a quotation for the project.


Discuss the many options of a swimming pool, including saltwater, interior colors, decking materials, warranties, schedules to build.

Do We Qualify?

It is always best to evaluate your choice of builder carefully. For me, it is a personal mission to oversee the satisfaction of every project.

we create excellent swimming pools.

In The Woodlands, we create excellent swimming pools for high-quality and high-service policies.

Janine Wilson, owner of Pool Zones, runs an innovative company, which achieves excellent swimming pools in The Woodlands. She is a certified pool building professional. She oversees every swimming pool with expert judgment. With dedicated subcontractors, time tested, and highly-qualified, our construction process is seamless for the most complex or simple pools, large or small, in The Woodlands, Texas.

currently completing

as of April 2020
“If you’re worried about the stress that a building project brings with it then simply choose Janine Wilson as your pool builder and sit back!
I was told by other pool builders that I could not put a pool in my space because they did not read the plans carefully enough – Janine pays attention to detail!!”
Lorraine Bruce