The owner, Janine Wilson.  Discover why she is the best!

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7 Reasons that a personal designer is your best choice.

  1. Janine is the best designer and builder in The Woodlands.  Don’t believe it?  Read about Janine in our reviews.  
  2. Personalized service, every step of the way.
  3. An eye for detail, with a woman pool designer.
  4. Every project is personally overseen and personally guaranteed by Janine.
  5. Take advantage of our upgrades.  They are standards for us (very affordable!)  Ask about cool, sleek travertine.
  6. Janine loves her job and has passion for everything she does (100%).
  7. Ask for a unique design.

Very Reliable and skilled workers

  • Picture: A client happily adds water to cure the new concrete (gunite)
  • The nosiest area near the pumps is from the air conditioners.
  • The pool above has an engineer’s stamp of approval and certification.
  • Notice the soil squares? They are pillow-top carved soil.  They give open areas for 33% more gunite concrete (beams).