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There are 3 types of starting prices;

  • Vinyl liner in ground starting from $32,000.
  • Fiberglass starting from $55,000.
  • Concrete “gunite” starting from $90,000.

We are a custom pool builder, so our projects consist of pool/spa with various features such as water feature, fire pit, extended patio areas, swim-up bar, colored lights, rock waterfall, etc.

From 2 months and beyond.
Excludes HOA & permit approvals.

We include that.  You pay any fees or HOA.

Best to have it ready by spring, so you can swim in the summer.

  • More patio space.
  • A shallow area of water for sitting or tanning.
  • Bar stools and/or swim-up bar.
  • Umbrella areas and inserts for umbrella sleeves.
  • Bubbles on the shallow area .
  • Water features on raised walls.

From $6,000 and up, if building a gunite pool. They are much more expensive if they are stand alone.

Definitely avoid any black colors. Best colors are medium blue colors. And best to avoid Gray.

Not to exceed 5′ in the deep end and start with 3 and a 1/2 feet in the shallow end. This will give a nice gradual slope.

  • Travertine stone (medium heat).
  • Stamped concrete (poor choice).
  • Acrylic coated (& textured) concrete (medium heat).
  • Aggregate concrete can look good with tropical pool (hot)
    Flagstone (hot)

Called pebble Tech or pebble sheen or pebble stone. Very durable long lasting. But be careful about color selection.

Some of the colors are Gray base they don’t look too good in the shallow area. And some of the colors are greenish and they don’t look too good either. So the best color to select is something in a tropical blue or a mid-range blue that has a nice blue colored plaster concrete background.

Here the top ones;

  • They steps into the pool at too high 12″. There needs to be more steps in the pool so as to make them 8″ high each.
  • The color of the interior is a pool color gray or has teal overtones.
  • The depth is too deep, from 3 1/2 feet to 7′ in less than 28’ length.
  • The spa water on seat is too shallow for taller people. Spa seats are designed for people up to 5’ 10” tall.
  • Lighting is another area. The LED lights are substantially dimmer than the original incandescent. They have transitioned from 500 Watts incandescent to 300 Watts. Either use more lights in the pool or choose a white LED non-color changing for 400 Watts.

Spa profile. The spa height should either be 6″ or 18″ but not 12″.  At 6″ it is one step up, which is nice to create a low profile and water feature.

At 18″ it becomes a seat, for entertaining, so becomes practical.